Calendar of Events (PDF)

Kimball Avenue Church Oasis Update
This Spring, a hive of honey bees was installed on the church property to aid pollination.

Special thanks to
Voice of the City, our collaborative partner, and the 100+ teens of the Desigln.Build.Grow.Eat program who have taken our vision for the space and have created a place that Feeds the Body and Feeds the Soul.
Special Thanks to After School Matters for their ongoing generous financial support through the Design.Build.Grow Eat program.

We have also received financial and in-kind contributions toward the project from the following businesses and organizations:
Liberty Bank for Savings (2014 and 2015)
Home Depot at Kimball & Addison (2016) Faith in Place (2016)
Chicago Community Garden Association (2016)
Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse (2016 and 2017)