Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am *

As a result of our collaboration with Nuestra Señora De Las Americas, our worship service has become a joyous bilingual celebration. Our worship style reflect the diversity of our congregation. English, Spanish, Spanglish are all spoken here. Musical styles also honor our diverse backgrounds. To aid everyone's understanding, we follow a liturgical format that is printed in both languages. We celebrate communion on a weekly basis.

On the first Sunday of the month, the service is intentionally oriented toward children and youth. On other Sundays, children and tweens are given their own teaching time that includes interactive Bible-based activities while the youth and adults hear and interact with the message.

Several times a year, we also conduct "Make Your Own" Sundays. Based on 1 Corinthians 14:26, everyone is encouraged to bring a poem, a hymn or song, a devotional, a Scripture, a word of teaching or a testimony so that everyone can be built up and encouraged in their faith.

* On the third Sunday of each month, our worship service is held at 1:00 pm at First Lutheran Church, 3500 W. Fullerton, after we serve Sunday Dinner for the hungry in our community. Our location and time are always posted on our Home page.

Weekly Prayer Group

The North Side Prayer Fellowship meets on Thursday at 11:00 am in a member's home. Contact the church for details. Watch for additional groups as they organize.

Other Growth, Fellowship and Ministry Opportunities
One Sunday each month, we prepare and serve a
Sunday Dinner to anyone in the community that is hungry. We serve the meal at First Lutheran Church, 3500 W. Fullerton Ave., starting at Noon. We are always looking for volunteers to provide meal ingredients, help with food preparation or serve the meal. Contact the church if you would like to assist with this ministry.

Our church is a member of the
Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance, a group of neighborhood churches committed to acting together for social justice. Once a month, we gather for spiritual encouragement, topical discussion, relationship building and fellowship. Together, we plan and implement public actions that draw attention to social justice concerns in our community.



As a congregation, we support organizations locally and nationally that are working to bring God’s justice into every aspect of life. We are a member congregation of the following organizations:

In addition, each month we select compassion and/or advocacy organizations to receive 5% of our offerings. Information about this month’s recipient can be found in the bulletin or monthly newsletter. We also provide monthly financial support
Center For Changing Lives and for missionaries working in Thailand (Amy Blair), Europe (Ron and Brenda Anderson).

In 2013, we entered a partnership with
“Voice of the City” and After School Matters to provide opportunity to high school aged students to participate in our property transformation. So far, over 90 students have participated in the “Design.Build.Grow.Eat” program, learning landscape design, labyrinth design and construction, gardening, and seasonal cooking. With their help, we are creating an urban oasis that is “Feeding the Body; Feeding the Soul.”


Bruce Ray has been pastor of Kimball Avenue Church since 1978. Over the years, he has led the church to become more holistic in its approach to the gospel and more engaged in the needs of the community. A 1990 graduate of North Park Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies with an emphasis in urban ministry, Bruce is passionate about the city and how people of faith can be signs of the Kingdom of God in their communities. He is married to Karren and has two adult children, Ellen and Jeremiah (Jay). In November, 2013, he became a first-time grandparent--a role he is excited to take on. In his spare time, he enjoys old comedies, Star Trek Episodes, live theater, walks and sudoku.


Kimball Avenue Church was formed in 1901 as the Kimball Avenue United Evangelical Church. It began as a tent meeting at the corner of Armitage Avenue and Whipple St., but moved to the corner of Kimball and Medill after a small building was built. In 1904, the building was expanded to accommodate a growing congregation. (In 2010, the building sustained significant damage when a steam boiler ruptured. The building was deconstructed in 2011. Pictures of the building and the deconstruction project can be viewed at www.flickr.com/kimballavenuechurch.)

Over the past 115 years, the neighborhood has gone through numerous transitions. While challenging, Kimball Avenue Church has adapted to maintain a strong presence for Christ in the community. The congregation has never been large, and it is currently a small group meeting in rented facilities. However, we believe strongly that God has much for us to do and that God will empower and supply what is needed to continue our ministry to “the least of these” in the name of Christ.

Though we currently do not have our own building, we recognize that the church has always been more than a building. The church is the people, acting (imperfectly) as the hands, feet and voice of Christ. We also recognize that we were never equipped to be the Church alone. Therefore, we are committed to collaboration with other churches and organizations that are also working to bring the justice of God’s reign and the love of Christ to our world.